About The Family Thrive

We deliver strategies, tools and experts that help families create joyful, meaningful, thriving lives.

(No matter where they’re at)
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Our story

From our family to yours

The Family Thrive was born in a children’s hospital room in 2011. Our son Max was unconscious and intubated after emergency surgery to remove a brain tumor. It was there that we made the pact that changed everything: Our family was going to thrive—no matter what. A month later we started the MaxLove Project, a non-profit dedicated to helping all childhood-cancer families achieve their best quality of life, during treatment and beyond.

After years of working with families facing the tallest odds, we’re bringing the thriving knowledge, tools and experts we’ve gathered to all families, everywhere. The Family Thrive is our vision for a platform where all families can get the tools they need—wherever they find themselves.

Co-Founders, MaxLove Project
Co-Founders, The Family Thrive
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MaxLove Project

Our vision: Revenue from the Family Thrive will fund 100% of the overhead at MaxLove Project, which helps families thrive in the face of a cancer diagnosis.

The Family Thrive experts

A family-wellness

Through our decade-long work in pediatric healthcare, we've collected a giant stash of expert knowledge around parenting, wellness, mindfulness, growing a family, and thriving under the toughest of conditions. Whatever the challenge, there’s a pretty good chance we know an expert who can help, like, really help. Below are just a few of the experts we are so excited for you to get to know.

Colin Champ, MD

Physician, Integrative
Family Wellness

Nadia Torres Eaton

Nadia Torres-Eaton, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist,
Mental & Emotional Healing

Justin Wilford, PhD

Educator, Lifestyle Medicine

Lexi Hall

Lexi Hall, RD

Registered Dietitian,
Culinary Medicine

Maria Rodriguez Berrera, LAc

Acupuncturist, Holistic Healing Modalities

Inanna Moon

Mindful Meditation and Yoga Medicine Teacher

Jenny Walters, LMFT

Therapist, Self-Compassion & Emotional Health

Alicia Wuth, PsyD

Psychologist, Family Relationships

Jena Curtis, EdD

Professor, Gender & Sexuality