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In our very first issue of The Family Thrive Magazine, we go deep on what whole food eating really means, why sugar is such a hard-to-quit jerk (and what to do about it!), and how our own cultural traditions just might lead us to the healthiest foods around.

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An Egg Salad Recipe
Comin’ in hot! The Nourish issue of The Family Thrive

Going deep on eating right

Eat your roots

Why your family tree might lead
to your best nutrition ever.

Sugar: what a jerk

How to keep food’s biggest villain
from running your family’s life.

Bowl of rice
Get them fed with the good stuff

Genius nutrition hacks
they’ll actually eat.

Always worth your time

The Family Thrive

We’re so happy you found us. And that we found you. Parenting can be a tough, scary, isolating journey. How the heck are you going to bring up those lawless little beings into caring, emotionally mature adults without losing yourself (or your sanity?) One thing we’ve learned along our own rocky trail is that there really is something to that takes-a-village thing. Together, we thrive.

The Family Thrive launches online in early 2021—YEAH! Cue the fireworks. Get ready for quick, expert wisdom you grab with your coffee that can change your day and maybe even your life. Plus, expert-designed wellness workshops, live online events like chef-led cooking classes, and tailored, meaningful social connection.

Our quarterly The Family Thrive Magazine is our gift to your family from ours. We crafted it with love plus the massive brain power of the best experts we know on nutrition, navigating crises, mindfulness, and meaningful connection. Every single person who works on it believes in your family’s ability to thrive NO MATTER WHAT. And because we’re parents too, we understand how precious your time is, so know that everything we create will add direct, applicable value to your family’s life.

Parenting is the ride you can never, ever be prepared for. We get it. We’re right there with you.
And we have your back.

Also, this is going to be fun.

Co-Founders, MaxLove Project
Co-Founders, The Family Thrive
Holistic family wellness for busy parents

Our thriving family pillars

Bowl of Salad

Expert nutrition science plus fast, delicious, family-friendly recipes and live cooking classes.

A heart growing

Nurture mind, heart, and spirit with research-backed strategies and tested wisdom.

A sun rising

Science-backed sleep, exercise and whole-body wellness tactics with support to help you take action.

Smilie faces

Using research-based skills and wisdom to enrich and deepen our most important relationships.