The Family Thrive Podcast

with Audra & Justin

The Family Thrive Podcast is our space to bring parents the experts behind the health, science, and wisdom you'll find in The Family Thrive app. Episodes include conversations with doctors, psychologists, dieticians, and loads of other experts who are in the trenches helping parents and children live their best lives. In each episode, we promise to bring you authentic, cutting-edge, and actionable conversations on the topics that will help you and your family thrive.

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From the team...
Don’t you sometimes wish a nutritionist would pop out of your kitchen cupboard? Like at 4:30pm, they’d just show up with easy dinner recipes, those favourites that become family recipes. The nutritionist would be so awesome, they’d probably give you a little shoulder massage as they tell you all about kid-friendly recipes until soon you have the mad skills and expert nutrition that makes you feel like you just took a bunch of cooking classes.

But take it from us, you actually do have the best family nutritionists in the biz basically fanning you with stacks of easy dinner recipes right here on The Family Thrive. It’s easier than you think to up your home and family recipe game. Take cooking classes or just jump right in with easy dinner recipes. And no kidding, these are the truly easy dinner recipes that help keep cooking from feeling hectic and always taste terrific. So for the kid-friendly recipes they eat every time, no questions asked, step right up to The Family Thrive and before you know it, you’ll be yelling “Dinner!”

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